CPT Online platform procedures

Online Platform

Our country and in fact the world have been hit by a pandemic that has affected many lives. Many industries, including our have been forced to look at different alternatives to training. CPT, like many Private Providers have had discussions with MerSETA and we can undertake the theoretical training via online classes.

CPT has developed an online platform where learners can go and download their training material, interact with other learners and facilitators, and attend online classrooms. We are busy uploading all our Learnerships on this platform to make them available to registered learners.

On our platform learners can download their material and Portfolio of Evidence. From there they can run through it on their computers or print a copy for themselves. If the learner does not have this access, then CPT will courier copies to the learner in preparation for their classes. Learners will also find information about the Learnership they are doing as well as contact information to key people within CPT.

Online Classroom (Via Zoom)

Our online platform has an online classroom facility which is done Via Zoom. Schedules will be put together for learners and for client groups. The public schedules will be made available on our platform and website. The client schedules will be discussed and confirmed with the client and will not be made public.

An invitation will be sent out to all learner or learner groups to attend the online classrooms at specific dates and time. These classes will cover all the theoretical content of the learners and guide the learners on how to complete their practical’s.

Part of our discussion with MerSETA is that the Portfolio’s are not allowed to be completed online. MerSETA still request a hard copy of the learners Portfolio of Evidence. In keeping with the Social Distancing, learners will be completing their Portfolio (Which includes their Logbook) with their Workplace Mentors. Once completed, the Portfolios will be sent to a CPT Assessor for Final Assessment.

Online Classroom (Via MS Teams)

MS Teams is not on our platform like Zoom but we use this resource as an alternative to Zoom. Learners, or Learner Groups must download a version of MS Teams in order to join their online classes. An email will be sent out to the learners, or learner groups inviting them to join the online classrooms.

The downloadable material (Learner Guide and Portfolio) is only available on our online platform and must be downloaded before the MS Teams class session. Again, if the learner does not have this

access, then CPT will courier copies to the learner in preparation for their classes. All other processes followed will be the same as online classes with Zoom.


For the online classes to run smoothly for the facilitator and learners, certain online classroom etiquette must be adhered to. We have developed online rules, or “Netiquette” to allow all learner a fair opportunity to receive the necessary knowledge. The rules can be found on our online platform and please make sure they are read and understood before commencing with the first class.

Online classes cannot be a mix of Zoom and MS Teams, these platforms do not work together. All learners must make sure they have the essential programmes installed on their computers to access their classes. Learner Groups or learners forming part of a company facility must make sure with their HR / Training Department that all necessary infrastructure is in place for the classes to happen.